New RPG for Google Assistant! Check it out: Hey Google, talk to Warriors Land

Marek Miś
2 min readJan 14, 2021
Warriors Land map
Warriors Land map

If you’re into RPG’s and love your Google Home / Nest (or Google Assistant on your phone) — I’ve got something you have to try.

Hey Google, talk to Warriors Land

After signing up, you’re about to become a Warrior and embark on a quest to become the Great Emperor! It’s not obvious how to do it — you have to figure it out!

Build your characters strengths, collect gold and magical objects. Ask to see the map — it’s very helpful in your journey.

Start by saying to your Google Assistant: Hey Google, talk to Warriors Land

or find out more on the game’s website:

Hint: if you open the map on your computer and sing in to map, and then talk to your smart speaker, you’ll see them synched! Check out the demo with all features explained below.

What next with Warriors Land?

Although it’s 100% playable, this first edition still feels more like a demo than a proper game experience that can last for long days. I received a lot of positive comments, dozens of ideas for game extension and improvements. Thanks to everyone who played, I really appreciate it 🙏

Players definitely get hooked with Warriors Land and that’s the most important and valuable feedback — and the most satisfying one too.

The journey has just begun! To implement the feedback and new features I will have to seek for some investment — so next on the list is a Kickstarter page. At the time of writing this article it’s work in progress — should be ready pretty soon, so watch this space!

So, would you call yourself a Warrior?

Visit Warriors Land website:

Play on Google Assistant (drop some 5 stars there too!):