Marek Miś

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  • Kevin Gibbons

    Kevin Gibbons

    Co-founder, CEO at @Re_signal, a strategy-driven content marketing agency

  • Adam Greenwood

    Adam Greenwood

    CEO of Greenwood Campbell. Spending my time understanding emerging technology and how it can affect brands and consumers.

  • Dana Janoskova

    Dana Janoskova

    My current stack consists of JS, TS, Node.js and Dart, coding Vue.js, React or Flutter applications. I focus on delivering good UX and writing clean code.

  • Dennys Hess

    Dennys Hess

    Founder of neonite interactive & freelance designer

  • Ananthakrishnan Balasubramanian

    Ananthakrishnan Balasubramanian

  • GC_People


    IADigital build digital services; we design, develop, integrate and optimise websites. We are experts in Immediacy, Umbraco and envisage CMS

  • Rory de Graaf

    Rory de Graaf

    Strategist @ The Valley ✪ 16+ years experience ✪ all things digital ✪ Concept, Strategy & Design ✪

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