Actions on Google — “Usage” section with some filters applied

Actions on Google “Usage” filters — learning from 2 years of Word Chain, a Google Assistant game

Review of usage statistics of Word Chain — Google Assistant word game


Looking at the analytics data of my game called Word Chain (which celebrates 2 years since release by the way!) I noticed few interesting things:


Reviews like this really open my eyes. Since January this year, Word Chain has a monetisation gateway, which frankly wasn’t optimised for that kind of usage. The conversation design also could benefit from a revamp knowing the localisation of users. Now, having discovered the Surface filters, I’m considering adding extra features to the game — perhaps using Interactive Canvas, to make the game experience more interesting for those using smartphones.

The unknown

My instant reaction to seeing the stats was “Wow… But, why?”

Show your stats

If you also love Actions on Google, and have developed an app that gained some traction with users, I’d love to see the usage stats of your app. Post them in comments or get in touch — perhaps together we can work out some better conclusions and that will lead to building better and more engaging voice apps.

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